Sprite – Eastern Sierra Photography Series


9 7/16″ X 11 14/16″

Acrylic paint on gloss photo paper


Sprite is a stunning original artwork created by Joe Scribble that captures the beauty and mystique of the natural world. The piece features a delicate and ethereal fairy-like Donny, known as a sprite, emerging from the sunbeams filtering through leaves.

The sprite Donny’s form pops with bright green and yellow. Fluttering white wings, a shining star wand and his flowing hair gives him an ephemeral quality that adds to the overall sense of enchantment. His serene expression and outstretched arms could possibly suggest that he is reaching out to connect with the viewer, inviting them to enter his mystical world.

Behind the sprite, a background of lush greenery and big strong trees creates a sense of depth and adds to the dreamlike quality of the piece. The colors behind are dark, soft and muted giving the artwork a peaceful and calming atmosphere.

Sprite is a captivating and evocative piece that celebrates the beauty and magic of the natural world. Its delicate details and soothing colors make it an ideal addition to any space that needs a touch of enchantment, and its message of connection and wonder is sure to resonate with viewers of all ages.

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