Snake Guy – Eastern Sierra Photography Series


11.75″ x 9.25″

Acrylic paint on gloss photo paper


Snake Guy is a captivating digital artwork created by artist Joe Scribble. The piece features a striking blue character in the center, with a snake wrapped around their leg and arm. The color palette of Serpentine is bold and eye-catching, with shades of blue, red, and purple over black and white photography, creating a sense of popping energy and vitality.

The blue character in the center is loosely rendered, with subtle details and textures that give the figure a sense of depth, dimensionality and emotion. The overall effect of Snake Guy is one of power and grace as well as Stoicism and pain. An infinite magical energy, as if the character and the snake are engaged in a timeless dance.

The piece captures the beauty and mystery of the natural world, inviting the viewer to contemplate the complex and fascinating relationship between humans and animals. Snake Guy would make a bold and striking addition to any space that seeks to capture the beauty and energy of contemporary art. Its vibrant colors and expert craftsmanship are sure to inspire and captivate all who view it.

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