Sumerian Owl


5 1/2″ X 8 7/16″

Acrylic paint on gesso primed sketchbook paper

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Sumerian Owl is a magnificent work of art by Joe Scribble that showcases the stunning beauty of the natural world and the majesty of these incredible birds of prey. In this piece, Little Donny is depicted holding onto the back of a gorgeous barn owl as sits on the floor, turning it’s intense and magnificent view towards the viewer of the artwork, in a display of power and grace.

The colors in the piece are rich and vibrant, with the owl’s feathers featuring a stunning array of hues that range from deep blues to bright oranges and reds. The intricate patterns on the owl’s feathers add to the sense of detail and realism in the artwork, while the array of both vibrant saturated colors soft pastel tones in the background create a beautiful contrast that draws the viewer’s eye towards the center of the piece.

Sumerian Owl is a tribute to the incredible beauty and power of nature, and it invites the viewer to marvel at the intricate details of these magnificent creatures. The artwork speaks to the awe-inspiring majesty of the animal kingdom and encourages us to embrace the natural world around us.

This piece is a perfect addition to any art collection, and its vibrant colors and dynamic composition are sure to inspire and delight viewers of all ages. Whether you’re a lover of nature or simply appreciate beautiful artwork, Sumerian Owl is a must-see masterpiece that will take your breath away.

Joe Scribble’s unique style and attention to detail make his artwork stand out from the crowd, and Sumerian Owl is no exception. The composition of the piece is perfectly balanced, with Little Donny and the barn owl at the center of the artwork, surrounded by a sea of soft pastel tones that create a sense of tranquility and peace.

In this piece, Joe Scribble has captured the essence of the barn owl, an animal that has captivated our imaginations for centuries. The Sumerian Owl is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, and it has been revered in many cultures throughout history. This artwork celebrates the owl’s power and grace, while also reminding us of our own connection to the natural world and the importance of preserving the planet for future generations. The ancient cuneiform text popping out of the bottom left corner with a magical vibrance.

Overall, Sumerian Owl is a breathtaking work of art that is sure to inspire and delight viewers for years to come. Its intricate details, vibrant colors, and dynamic composition make it a true masterpiece that will capture the imagination of anyone who sees it. Whether you’re a lover of nature or simply appreciate beautiful artwork, this piece is a must-see that will leave you in awe.

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