Damn – Eastern Sierra Photography Series


8″ x 8″

Acrylic paint on gloss photo paper.


This painting, Damn, depicts Little Donny at Lake Mono. It’s a stunning traditional acrylic painting on nature photography created by Joe Scribble. The piece features the iconic character Little Donny, dressed in a signature blue suit, sitting on a rock and gazing out over the serene waters of Lake Mono.

The use of color in the piece is particularly striking, with shades of blue, white and green creating a sense of calm and tranquility. The texture of the rock and loake contrasted with the cartoonish style of Little Donny adds a strange depth and dimension to the scene. The speech bubble to Little Donny’s right side adds a touch of humor and playfulness to the piece. The word “Damn” is rendered in bold, black letters, contrasting with the soft colors of the landscape and drawing the viewer’s attention to the character’s reaction.

Little Donny at Lake Mono is a beautiful and evocative piece that captures the essence of contemporary art. It would make a wonderful addition to any space that seeks to create a sense of calm and tranquility, while also engaging the viewer’s sense of humor and whimsy. The expert craftsmanship and attention to detail in Little Donny at Lake Mono make it a truly exceptional work of art. It is sure to inspire and captivate all who view it, inviting them to contemplate the beauty and complexity of the natural world.

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