Bumblebee Magic – Eastern Sierra Photography Series


11.75″ x 9.25″

Acrylic paint on gloss photo paper.


Bumblebee Magic is a vibrant and whimsical acrylic painting on a photo of a forest with yellow leaves. The piece features Little Donny, dressed in a yellow and black suit, floating above the treetops with a magical tome in his hands. As he casts spells from the ancient book, adding to the enchanting atmosphere of the environment.

The use of bright colors and playful imagery in the painting creates a sense of joy and wonder, transporting the viewer to a magical world where anything is possible. The details of the forest background, with its green and yellow leaves appearing as a natural color gradient, making it feel like a fully-realized fantasy world.

Bumblebee Magic is a beautiful and imaginative piece of contemporary art. It would make a wonderful addition to any space that seeks to inspire and uplift, while also engaging the viewer’s sense of wonder and magic. The skilled use of acrylic paint on the photograph adds a unique and dynamic element to the piece, blurring the line between reality and fantasy. The playful details, such as the bumblebees and the magical tome, add depth and texture to the scene, drawing the viewer in and encouraging them to explore the world of Little Donny. Overall, Little Donny and Bumblebee Magic is a delightful and captivating work of art. It is sure to bring joy and inspiration to all who view it, reminding them of the power of imagination and the magic that surrounds us every day.

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