Bookstand – Eastern Sierra Photography Series


9 7/17 ” x 11 13/16″

Acrylic paint on gloss photo paper.


Bookstand by Joe Scribble  is a nostalgic reminder of the joys of exploring the world of books and the beauty of nature. The artist taking use of warm colors and soft lighting creates a cozy atmosphere that draws the viewer in and invites them to linger a while.

The scene itself is simple yet magical, with the Little Donny clones exploring the books and the world around them. The books themselves are well-loved and worn, their pages full of stories and adventures waiting to be discovered. The drippy personas perched atop the books adds a touch of whimsy and mystery to the scene, inviting the viewer to imagine the secrets and stories that it might hold.

One of the standout features of this artwork is the attention to detail in the composition. The books are arranged in a way that draws the viewer’s eye upward, towards the sky and the mountains beyond. The inclusion of the Eastern Sierra books, along with Yosemite and the Heart of the Sierras, adds a personal touch and a sense of place to the piece, inviting the viewer to explore these places for themselves.

The use of texture and shading is also noteworthy, with the artist creating a sense of depth and dimensionality that brings the scene to life. The books themselves seem to glow with their own inner light, and the mountains and trees in the distance create a sense of depth and vastness that adds to the overall magic of the piece.

Bookstand is a wonderful representation of the joys of reading and the wonders of nature. It reminds us that there is magic to be found in the pages of a book and in the world around us. The Little Donny clones are a charming addition, adding a sense of playfulness and whimsy to the scene. This artwork would make a perfect addition to any home or office, inspiring and delighting viewers of all ages.

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